Analysis of the situation of the global liverwurst producers

by cominsitu

CIS translator


Thank you to wonderful human translator man, THAMSANQA JANTJIE, for making most great text of ours english good!


Love Genossinen and comrades ,

The world is upside down . Where us the groundbreaking events , riots , rebellions , but also the ever more deeply burrowing into our living conditions of capitalist crisis Sales and clamp the global Leberwurstprdouktion drive , which is uncertain. Clearly, nothing will be as it once was. And now the social and economic situation of most people siptz to . The economic depression destroyed usual communities , everyday occurrences and social fabric .

Even if it is just in Berlin and the entire , shitty German republic more like a cuddly warm- soft outdoor pool, fringed with pink red plush – animal – fur feels coated walls and fluffy disco music : Appearances can be deceiving . Again, the ” accumulation model liverwurst ” already troubled as it seems.

And at this point love Comrades , we need to keep us in mind as the atomization of the Public relations continues to progress . Isolation. Every day , more and more mentally confused , hounded and completely individualized subjectivity.

And yet, there they are still . This completely crazy Gehirnsex . Feelings of happiness when one finds its place somewhere . Endorphins without boundaries , because if you finally get somewhere . If the desire is satisfied to be part of the social spectacle.

Most of all I love all these morons in the creative industries and professional politicians of NGOs , alternative medicine. Those that sweeten our lives so , make it more interesting , day after day in the service of improving the world are . We love them all : the DJ’s , the organizers , the medical practitioner , Stiftungsfutzis posturing with their pathetic Sozialdemkoratischen , filmmakers and theater Fritzen , Booker of exciting bands and events. You all are permanent in their delusions of self-promotion and the veneer of total apocalypse we are heading towards . Like carnival barkers . Look at me . Love me. Here I am. Look what I once again exciting staging this weekend , darts adjusting , organizing … I even have an app ! Vain . Take me ! Looks me. Why not : Fuck me ?

Who does not know : ” project-related success stories” from the entire liver sausage creative and advertising industry , ” Do it Yourself offices ” for liverwurst fashion and liverwurst Art Vernissages » ” We are so fuckin crazy sausage parties and art projects “,” celebrated theses about postmodern identity constructions – of course connected with a performance in one of the trendiest art project rooms or hip theater stages the liver scene ” ? Media heads, and out to sound the banalities of everyday life with their smooth , formatted records. And their message : Look : We are . I want to be ! You want to be !

There are all places , moments , gears of social spectacle of self-presentation and self- in- scene setting . Everything under the sign of the global sausage production chain. In fact , all but rotates only about sausage .

And, who does not join in on the long production , utilization and consumption chain of the liver goods superfluous. The Misfits . A Looser . Here: Hartz 4, in this country then you have the luck to queue up at the long queue for the charity award and forced surveys. ” How much sausage do you have stashed away still under the pillow? “, ” Do you share yourself for not having your community the liver goods? “, ” Are you willing at any time , really any time to work in the liverwurst cleaning army? » . Yes , dear comrades , dear comrades , these questions , and yet very different , we must now leave the sausage fingers of the job center all fallen . Or do you become a street sausage vendor. But who wants that?

Then maybe the great alternative . The Last Hope . They are still alive. The last places of retreat. This miserable , boring one relationships where one always feels so good . This whole anxiety can drain there and live out sooo beautiful. Yes , and these horny coveted jobs where you finally travels the world history. This dreary realities where you feel between job everyday , two-person relationship , monogamy and life organization , yoga lessons , Lesezirklen , football evenings , friends – are planning or so, leave – move . Yes, where is there life? Where is there the climax ? On drugs? When infidelity ? In Fitnisstudio Nah , I know it : when couples movie night – of course! with chips ! And then maybe fumbling !

That’s really pathetic! That’s really sucks ! That’s totally boring ! That’s totaaaaaal boring! That’s not enough yet . If that’s enough? That’s not enough for me ! That is enough for us but not all ! This is not an ecstasy, that is the absolute desolation .

Dear Comrades the international sausage production. And by that I mean really all proletarians from all industries . Not only from the direct industrial production chain. Even the advertisers , retailers , cleaners , yes, all, all, all sausages actually really there!

The question is : what do we want? And what we want to tuen ? What do we feel ? What do we think? How do we want to live? Loved ones? Dancing ? What are the true drama of life?

It is time , dear liver avant-garde ! There are only two ways ! Either we remain doomed and lonely , destitute , and even dumb , in the crisis sticking liverwurst commodity production. Maybe with the prospect that maybe someday come sometimes a golden age in the mass production of bacon? Yes you want that?

The other way , and I believe it is the right thing, my dear comrades ! We can be part of the World liverwurst uprising. Part of a global , grand , new composition of people , emotions, subjectivities , desire , hope, love … Yes, let’s get started ! Now! We refuse immediately. Commercial production of liverwurst . The fetishism of love, of life, of work, of the complete being. Let’s start to be Free. To go to the barricades !

In this sense: Immediate reversal of dreary , atomized everyday life and the present mode of production of the goods of everyday life, of being. Long live freedom ! Let us take what is ours ! Liverwurst Pumpernikel for all and indeed in vain !