Questions and Answers

by cominsitu

I Like this Picture

Some people frequently ask us: Who are the Communists in Situ? How can I join you? What is the meaning of the leberwurst proletariat?  What’s the relation between the Comintern and the Cominsitu? What’s your political program? Sind Sie Deutsche? Amerikaner? Warum schreibst du in verschiedenen Sprachen?Who are the League of Rootless Cosmopolitans? What’s the point of this blog? Why the dolphins?

In response, we can only answer with a story.

Two men of Chelm went out for a walk, when suddenly it began to rain.
“Quick,” said one. “Open your umbrella.”
“It won’t help,” said his friend. “My umbrella is full of holes.”
“Then why did you bring it?”
“I didn’t think it would rain!”