Communist Interventions: Volume I — European Socialism and Communism

by cominsitu

A lovely compendium of communist knowledge.

communist research cluster

Communist Research Cluster are proud to announce the first volume of our Communist Interventions series is now available. This first reader deals with the history of European socialism and communism, from 1890 to 1980. It is available in PDF format.

Download the PDF on our Readers page.

Table of contents:

1 Orthodoxy
2 Revisionism
3 Social Democracy After 1905
4 Betrayals of 1914
5 The Russian Revolution
6 Left-Wing Communism
7 German and Italian Revolutions
8 Communism and Gender
9 Fascism and War
10 Stalinism
11 May 1968 in France
12 Second-Wave Feminism
13 Italy’s Creeping May (1968-77)
14 Eclipse of the Worker’s Movement

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