by cominsitu


The wise men of Chelm got together one night to try to solve the problem of life.”What is the problem of life?” they asked, and the more they thought about it the more they knew that the problem of life is that everyone has worries. If people didn’t have any worries, they reasoned then, then life would be easy. So the question remained, how to make an end of worries?

Well they thought, why not hire somebody to do all the worrying so everyone else can have it easy? It would be a tough job, but they would pay the man well to make up for it. So they all agreed to chip in to pay someone 50 rubles a month to do all the town’s worrying for them. Everyone was happy with this decision until someone points out the flaw. “Tell me,” said one of the rabbis, the wisest of them all. “If the man is making 50 rubles a month, what has he got to worry about?”