by cominsitu

New blog, one line ultra-political reviews of contemporary films, every few months:


Film is a cemetery littered with the carcasses of failed revolutions. Rotten bodies stuffed with audio-visual souls haunt billions of minds day and night like a plague upon the earth. More than food or sex, film satisfies our most biological needs for survival. Through film we kill, die, fuck, shit, fly, and survive the hell that is our daily life. In crowded air-conditioned temporary zones of spectacular consumption we meet other proles and share non-stories of our lives by looking together in parallel rows at raw emotions that we’ve never felt. Together not-together we laugh, cry, smile, and feel human in a perfectly safe environment with an organized schedule managed by the collective mind of rational animals calculating exactly how to turn a tear into a profit. Concentrated in the production line of seats we produce our shared impotence in front of sublime images of power. Film raises the dead and lets them roam the earth as the zombies we must kill before we can abolish ourselves. To get there first, we must descend into the inferno of cinema. There is no abolition of cinema without its realization. Welcome to our torture.