Communist Research Cluster 3: Revolutionary Feminism

by cominsitu


Communist Research Cluster announces the release of the latest volume of our Communist Interventions reader series: Revolutionary Feminism. Featuring Marxist, anarchist, and other revolutionary feminist theoretical debates from the late 19th century to 1984, Revolutionary Feminism offers a foundation for thinking through capitalism and gender today.

A PDF of the full reader is available for download here, or on the Readers page.

Reading groups are starting in the fall, see here.

Table of contents:

1. Engels 2. Second International 3. Anarchism 4. Russian Revolution 5. American Communist Party 6. Women’s Liberation 7. Gay Liberation 8. Socialist Feminism 9. Sexual Violence 10. Black Feminism 11. Biological Reproduction 12. Wages for Housework 13. Materialist Feminism 14. Domestic Labor 15. Sexuality 16. Dual Systems 17. Social Reproduction

Women must completely discover their own possibilities—which are neither mending socks nor becoming captains of ocean-going ships. Better still, we may wish to do these things, but these now cannot be located anywhere but in the history of capital. – Mariarosa Dalla Costa