Winter Anti-Reviews 2015-2016, pt 1

by cominsitu



Star Wars: The Force Awakens –  Oedipal drama returns for millennials caught in the same cycle of struggles as their parents because they were unable to defeat capitalism in its previous incarnation due to incomplete development of the Force, i.e, class struggle. Syrian civil war reflected in the New Republic, First Order, Resistance triangle, such that militants, foreign agents, traitors, generals, pirates, and lovers have no clue what’s going on except they’ve seen it all before and it’s spectacular

Chi-Raq – Civil war as gun violence as male gang violence in black Chicago can only be stopped by female proletariat in their own self-abolition 

The Danish Girl – Mythical origin of trans identity as romantic tragedy for europeans losing their innocence in a world transitioning to capitalism

The Big Short – Marxist crisis theory as male hobby to make money 

Joy –  White female housewife crushed under the weight of patriarchy finally breaks on through to the freedom of entrepreneurial capitalism 

In the Heart of the Sea – Moby Dick without Loren Goldner is counter-revolutionary

Sisters –  Sex, drugs and party is not only for male dickwads but female cougars who feign transgression only to reassure traditional morality

Concussion – American football as capitalist sacrifice of flesh to the gods of war is confronted by medical ethics

The Hateful Eight – Politics as the necessary conversation between fractions of the proletariat with opposed interests can only end  in communism or violence 

The Revenant – America as the self-abolition of Man and Nature without the positive supersession into the Gemeinwesen

Point Break – Classic surf-noir film recycled for the eco-conscious cross-fit generation who dreams of having their cake and eating it too