Cured Quail

by cominsitu

With What Must a Journal That Will Not Be Read Begin?

A fundraising appeal

Cured Quail is a journal of critical theory that takes seriously the aesthetic, social and conceptual problems of literacy. By literacy we don’t mean simply the ability to read and write. Rather, Cured Quail poses the question of illiteracy as a historically specific hindrance to fully experiencing the words on a page, the patience of an idea, or the particulars of a work of art. Cured Quail is concerned with discussions on culture, philosophy, political economy and modern and contemporary art, featuring critical essays, reviews, polemics, interviews, and other formats.

However, as our commencing editorial describes, the redundancy of already existing publications devoted to the nomenclature society-art-culture presents us with a challenge; foremost derived from the experiential chasm nourished by the refreshing content of curated feeds that in its rapid-fire shots of interest prepares any but the most recondite reader for a diet of distraction.

We thereby ask ourselves: what does it take to be convincingly exceptional? While shouting toward a mural depicting a cave we’d like to assure the potential reader we haven’t expected an echo. This suits the editorial board of Cured Quail and the crux from which we will write and our writers will write, and from which we now entreat your support for the necessary funding to print our inaugural volume.

For the thought and readership of Cured Quail—like everything else today—money stands as the transcendental condition for the possibility of experience. Your support will help finance a first run of Cured Quail Volume 1.   Contribute here through KICKSTARTER


The conviction to read will likely never exist again. This difficult situation—itself the opening cue for Cured Quail’s line of inquiry—is ubiquitous of a phase of reading in which the meaning of words seldom resonate further than the font they are bathed in. However, rather than simply succumb to the arrested development that follows the trauma of individual preference, Cured Quail contends that the written word, itself a social phenomena, carries with it determinate content that beseeches reflection.

Will the journal be in print, or online?

Cured Quail aims to be printed annually although without adhering to an inflexible stringency. For this, an online platform will offer readers content alongside the serial issues of the printed journal with the advantage of being awash with the current of the topical. The decision for both an online and printed versions—whose content will never be identical—was made with the simple recognition that reading a printed book and web page amount to qualitatively separate experiences. The editors of Cured Quail maintain that the experience of knowledge is not reducible to the acquisition of information found in the enforcement of scroll-to-finish templates. How this differs from the sensuality of reading is not a cantankerous reluctance towards technological progress, but, as the editors contend, bears greater stakes yet to be fully unearthed. These differences and their implications remain open questions that the editors put forth to both the contributors and readership of Cured Quail.

What will volume 1 feature?

The content of our inaugural issue can already be previewed along with select available articles in their entirety. Besides our collectively written editorial ‘Prolegomena to any Future Editorial’, our first issue includes a newly translated contribution by Christoph Hesse, a hitherto unpublished essay by Paul Mattick, and a 2012 conversation had between Martha Rosler and Ben Morea in New York during the height of the occupation movement. Also available already on our website is our first Rewriting Art Writing feature in which critically assesses the quality of contemporary articles on art published elsewhere by rewriting them. Here is the full table of contents:

What will my contribution pay for?

Your donation will go to help defray the cost of printing, book design and maintaining our online edition at As a reward for your contribution, you can receive a PDF or printed copy of Cured Quail Volume 1 sent to you on the day of publication, a reserved copy of volumes 2 and 3 upon their publication, or this delightful little brass quail paperweight!


How else can I contribute besides financially?

Finally and most importantly, we would like to extend an open invitation to contributors. We are on the lookout for lost languages, ways of corresponding in spite of the adversity—not for the betterment of tomorrow, but with negation we seek to stir the pot and, however briefly, break up the domains of real subsumption so that we might see without speaking, hear without listening, and think alongside thoughts.

We can be reached at

Risks and challenges

In these loud times for which one is rarely at a loss for words, the relentless veneration of communication places the prospects for yet another journal at a disadvantage. Further, Cured Quail faces the difficulty of insisting on its printed publication at a time when the entire history of the printed word is effectively accessible within the palm of one’s hand.

Without proclaiming to offer a solution to this challenge, Cured Quail nevertheless commits to exploring this phenomenon as indicative of a social situation. Cured Quail thereby holds fast to the varied merits of the printed page as the locus of a distinctive and qualitative experience independent of the predominant modes of reading today.

Additionally, launching a journal without the expectation of institutional support is no easy task and so it is through this appeal of financial donation that we hope to commence our inquiry into the social conditions of illiteracy today.

Our current reward fulfillment dates are based on a projected schedule that does not account for possible delays in formatting and printing the volume. While delays inevitably arise, we are nevertheless confident that, pending our fundraiser, publication is imminent since we have already collected, edited and finalized all of the articles that will compose Cured Quail Vol 1.