Capital 150: Marx’s ‘Capital’ Today Conference

by cominsitu


The Department of European and International Studies (School of Politics & Economics, King’s College London), along with the blog, organised a major international conference – titled Capital.150: Marx’s ‘Capital’ Today – to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Karl Marx’s text Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. The conference took place on 19-20 September, 2017.

It attracted from around the world some of the leading scholars and research networks in the field. There were lively debates among speakers and audience on the roots of the global economic and financial crisis, contemporary imperialism, and the prospects of global capitalism. David Harvey and Michael Roberts debated how to map the terrain of anti-capitalist struggles in the plenary of the evening of September 19. The same topic re-emerged throughout the conference as participants investigated the nature of the present political conjuncture and the prospects for the labour movement.

If you weren’t able to attend the Capital.150 conference, all of the sessions are available to watch on Youtube at the links below:

Session One – Crises (

Session Two – Imperialism (

Session Three – Mapping the Terrain of Anti-Capitalist Struggles(

 Session Four – The Future of Capital (

 Session Five – Labour and Beyond (