Legal Form: The Marxist Analysis of Law

by cominsitu


Legal Form – This collection of documents contains texts that (a) are widely recognized as “canonical” within the Marxist tradition, (b) grapple with legal questions from a standpoint informed by Marxist methods, (c) scrutinize a specifically Marxist approach to law in the context of a particular debate, and/or (d) examine the historical conditions under which a given account of Marxism and law was initially discussed. Some are exceedingly well known; others remain unread, or are largely forgotten. Save for the most relevant or “authoritative” figures, we have generally endeavored to include no more than one text for each author.

This collection is not intended to be exhaustive or definitive. As with any such collection, it is reflective of some interests to a greater degree than others. Nor, of course, is the collection intended to be complete, in the sense of remaining unchanged over time. We will continue to add texts on an ongoing basis. If you have suggestions for additional texts, please feel free to contact us.

(In compiling this collection, we have benefited from a list of references available on the Law and Marxism Network site. This site is edited by Susan Dianne Brophy and accessible here.)

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