Cured Quail Vol. 2

by cominsitu


As industrial culture grinds to a halt, what better time to reflect, in this hour of unprecedented catastrophe, unwieldy political ferment and social distance, on the backlog of damages inflicted by this society? The economy continues to demand reverence from lives barely tottering along while offering cultural consolation hardly worth the name.

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Cured Quail Volume 2 | Fall 2020 | 304 pages

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Otherwise, we’ve made available the following essays from both volumes:

The New Parochialism
Do We Live in a Society of the Spectacle?
Paul Mattick
Virtual Experience
Christoph Hesse
Enemies of Art for the Sake of Its Realization
A New Institute for Social Research
Narcissism as Norm: Psychic Deformation in Late Capitalist Society
Peter Samol
What are the Children Lacking?
Anselm Jappe
The Masochism of Civilization
Marcel Stoetzler