Fall Anti-Reviews 2015



Sicario: a reverse western. normally for a western, the vacuum of government requires individual heroic violence to establish law, order and markets. but here governments and markets lead to so much chaos that the law needs to bring back individual violence to reestablish a market order outside the law.

The Martian: the Lockean illusion of robinsoe crusoe as the original capitalist becomes reality in this allegory of a scientific super-hero who uses technology, humor and interstellar communication to fight non-natural nature on mars while humans on earth develop a new universal social contract.

Spectre: Conspiracy theory as rational choice for modern Englishman’s lack of importance in global capitalism.

Creed: Rocky retold as a black lives matter biopic.

Black Mass: How the Irish became white.

Steve Jobs: A paean to our last god, a frail mortal who touched the heavens by conquering the social form of mediation.

Suffragete: Class war as gender war as moral war as political war.

99 Homes: Foreclosure crisis as proletarian horror story; abstract law of value takes human form. Property owns people, work is suicide.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2: Revolution against capital, against patriarchy, against the state, against itself reveals the negativity of communisation in our present moment.

The Walk: Metaphor of individual bravery, daring, and ingenuity hidden within another metaphor for French stupidity and American spectacle.

Trumbo: Communism as retro chic.

Bridge of Spies: Berlin as morally ambiguous city between decaying empires. Still true today.

The Intern: Feminism leans against a glass wall which only a male baby boomer can break.