William Morris (1834-1896)

by cominsitu


This is a brief sketch of what I am looking forward to as a Communist: to sum up, it is Freedom from artificial disabilities; the development of each man’s capacities for the benefit of each and all. Abolition of waste by taking care that one man does not get more than he can use, and another less than he needs; consequent condition of general well-being and fulness of life, neither idle and vacant, nor over burdened with toil. All this I believe we can and shall reach directly by insisting on the claim for the communization of the means of production; and that claim will be made by the workers when they are fully convinced of its necessity.”

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Nicholas Salmon

The William Morris Internet Archive is dedicated to Nick Salmon in appreciation for all the work he did in transcribing and providing all the documents marked with a *.

There is an obituary for Nick, written by Peter Faulkner for the Independant.

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